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Collin Cadmus Podcast

Hosted by: Collin Cadmus, LLC

Collin Cadmus is a lifelong salesperson, 4x Sales & Marketing Leader, CRO, VP of Sales, and industry thought leader who has hired and trained over 300 salespeople, generating over $50M in recurring revenue and...


Episode 10: Antoinette Tuff

Season #1 Episode #10

Antoinette is a survivor, author, and speaker.  On August 19, 2013, Antoinette was working as a bookkeeper at an elementary school in Atlanta, severely depressed because her husband of 33 years had recently left. She,...
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Episode 9: Anna Fisher

Season #1 Episode #9

Anna is one of the most successful east coast SaaS marketers of the last decade. She’s from MA, went to UMass Amherst, started her career as an Account Manager and Client Service Supervisor, but then she went to work...
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Episode 8: Keenan

Season #1 Episode #8

He’s been selling something to someone his entire life. He’s been teaching and coaching salespeople for almost 20 years. He’s the Founder and President of A Sales Guy Inc. and the Author of GAP Selling, but you know...
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Episode 7: Jason Lemkin

Season #1 Episode #7

Jason graduated from Harvard University and Berkeley Law, he started his career as a Corporate Counsel, and then transitioned into various technology leadership roles, eventually leading him to co-founding EchoSign...
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Episode 6: Brendon Cassidy

Season #1 Episode #6

Brendon graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California, started his career in Recruiting, and then transitioned into sales where he eventually landed himself at LinkedIn in 2005 as employee #15, and LinkedIn’s...
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Episode 5: Trish Bertuzzi

Season #1 Episode #5

Trish is the Founder and CEO of the Bridge Group which she founded in 1998, and prior to that she spent her entire career in sales. Starting out in telemarketing, which is essentially an SDR today. Trish grew into...
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Episode 4: Aaron Ross

Season #1 Episode #4

Aaron Ross went to Palo Alto high school and Stanford University. He started his career in mergers and acquisitions, had a 2 year stint in product marketing, then became cofounder of eLease which shut down and...
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Episode 3: Carolyn Betts Fleming

Season #1 Episode #3

She started her career as a sales intern, went on to become an account executive, spent some years recruiting, and eventually went out on her own and built Betts Recruiting, which is now is the leading recruitment...
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Episode 2: Wiley Cerilli

Season #1 Episode #2

One day he was modeling CK underwear to pay the bills, the next he dropped out of college to build the sales team at SeamlessWeb in NYC (Now Seamless Grubhub), then founded SinglePlatform (acquired for $100M), then...
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Episode 1: Ross Pomerantz

Season #1 Episode #1

From Account Executive at Oracle to creating satire sales comedy on social media. Somehow finding time to create a TV show and grab his masters from Stanford. His name is Ross Pomerantz, but you know him better as...
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