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There's no playbook for becoming a CRO, so I'm writing mine as I go and inviting you to follow along. This is a private journal documenting key lessons and exciting moments as I transition in real-time from VP Sales to CRO, responsible for the entire customer lifecycle. No format, no schedule, no fluff, and as always, no filter.


Modern Prospecting Course


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  • Sales & Marketing Industry Trends
  • Expected Changes & Transitions 
  • Advanced Outbound Strategies & Tactics
  • 3-Phase Modern Prospecting System 
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The Future of Sales & Marketing

In 2019 Gartner predicted that over the next 5 years Millennials will takeover the remaining 50% of decision maker roles in B2B. As a result cold calls and email cadences have significantly declined in effectiveness and the outbound game is changing forever. 3 years later and the effects of this transition have become the focal point of every established sales leader. 

This course teaches you what's happening, what to expect, and what to do about it.