Hi, I'm Collin.

A lifelong salesperson, 5x Sales & Marketing Leader, CRO, VP Sales, and industry thought leader who has hired and trained over 300 B2B salespeople, generating over $100M in recurring revenue and over $300M in exits.

With over ten years of experience building and scaling SaaS sales teams, I now serve as a Consultant, Strategic Advisor, and Sales Coach to top SaaS companies around the world.

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Modernize Your Outbound System And Start Growing Sustainable Pipeline

My long-term obsession has been the future of sales and marketing, so when I decided to create online training courses, I paused halfway through and realized the world doesn't need another course teaching past or present sales strategies.

We need a course focused solely on what lies ahead, which, let's face it, is far more interesting.

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Understand The Business You Work For And Start Advancing Your Career

It's never been more important for employees to understand the financial model behind the business they work for than it is today.

In this course I'll provide a behind the scenes look into the executive board room and financial planning meetings so you can understand how financial plans translate to valuations, quotas, promotions, average tenure, acquisitions, IPO's, and more.

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Join 3,500+ top salespeople and start growing a sustainable pipeline.

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Sales Coaching

Affordable help exclusively for B2B SaaS salespeople and leaders.

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Founder Coaching

Routine help for founders with a transparent pay-as-you-go model.

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Apply for exclusive demand generating sponsorship opportunities.

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The future of sales, marketing, revenue operations, technology, leadership, and AI/AGI.

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Expert interviews covering all things sales, careers, technology, and leadership.

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Revenue Growth Coaching for B2B SaaS Founders

I help B2B SaaS Founders build and scale world-class sales and revenue organizations. Subscriptions can be modified or cancelled at any time.



Founder Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Network Introductions
  • Email Support
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Founder Coaching

  • Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Network Introductions
  • Email Support
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Founder Coaching

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Network Introductions
  • Email & Phone Support
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The Revenue Growth Blog™

The future of B2B SaaS Sales, Marketing, Technology, and AGI.

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The Revenue Growth Blog™

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Collin Cadmus Podcast

Season 1 focuses on the success stories of a diverse range of expert guests, and season 2 focuses on current events, future predictions, and specific industry topics.

If you're into Sales, Marketing, Leadership, or Technology this podcast is for you.

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A Partner You Can Trust

Vlad Chernyshov

Co-Founder & CEO at Dasha

Collin helped us build and document our entire sales process very quickly in preparation of our next round of funding, which we successfully raised shortly after.

Joshua Jordan

Founder & CEO at PreHIRED

Collin was instrumental in helping us design, launch, and test a new lead generation campaign during the months of COVID-19, it’s been a great resource having him.

Swapnil Shinde

Co-Founder & CEO at Zeni

Collin helped us prepare for a $34M Series B and then assisted us through our next phase of growth as we prepared for bringing on a VP Sales, we're grateful to have his help.

Olivier Pailhes

Co-Founder & CEO at Aircall

Collin is an amazing asset for an early-stage startup. He made quick and energetic moves to restructure our sales for scale, and closed very strong and diverse hires as revenues tripled under his tenure. Collin is a low-ego, candid and energetic leader whose most unique trait is his ability to thrive, learn and adapt in a constructive fashion. He was definitely instrumental in bringing Aircall to our present stage.

Jeff Reekers

CMO at Aircall

Collin was critical in growing our sales organization. He attracted top talent, retained and motivated them, and cultivated a consistent culture of winning. He was a great teammate and marketing collaborator (and just a naturally gifted marketer), always brought fresh ideas and initiatives to the table. Collin leads with empathy. I saw firsthand how much he cares about people and his teammates. He listens and is motivated to make others successful.

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Everything Your Employer Doesn't Want You To Know About Your Stock Options

Discussing everything you need to know about your employee stock options, with a specific emphasis on what your employer doesn't want you to know.

Stock options are exciting, but often you're sold a dream that isn't quite the reality you're expecting, especially if you don't know how to negotiate or exercise your options grant.

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