Expense Request Template


Hi {leader’s name},

I’d like to purchase this online course, The Modern Outbound System™ by Collin Cadmus.  

It's focused on teaching B2B salespeople how to prospect and sell to millennial buyers and decision makers, as they’re taking over the remaining B2B decision maker roles over the next 2 years and I want to be prepared. It’s based on the leading industry data and predictions and dives deep into what it means to become a virtual seller in 2024 and beyond. 

Collin is a 5x Sales Leader and he’s hired over 300 salespeople, generated over $100M ARR, over $300M in acquisitions so I trust his advice.

Buying the course is a no-brainer for me and it's only $150 but I wanted to see if you would approve this one-time reimbursement? 

Thank you,

{your name}


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