Expense Request Template

This course and community is intentionally affordable for all salespeople and leaders, but you should always seek reimbursement for training expenses. To make that process easier for you, send the email template below to your manager or finance team for approval.

Once you've joined, you'll also be invited to join the Sales Affiliate Program, where you can earn 20% commission by referring new members. With 5 referrals, that's $150 in commission. So either way, we make it easy for you to join!


Hi {leader’s name},

I’d like to join The Modern Prospecting Initiative™ online course & community that Collin Cadmus recently launched. 

It's focused on teaching B2B salespeople how to prospect and sell to millennial buyers and decision makers, as they’re going to be taking over the remaining 50% of B2B decision maker roles over the next 5 years and I want to be prepared. It’s based on the leading industry data and predictions and dives deep into what it means to become a virtual seller in 2021 and beyond.

It’s a one-time fee of $150 to join the course which includes lifetime access to the course and all future content, as well as 1 year of free access to the community and monthly live streams. I thought this would be very beneficial for me to learn more about. 

Collin is a 3x Sales Leader from SinglePlatform (acquired for $100M), Doctor.com (acquired for over $100M), and most recently Aircall ($1.1B valuation). He’s hired over 300 salespeople, generated over $50M in recurring revenue, over $300M in exits, and has a significant following on LinkedIn, so I’m confident he’s a trusted source of sales education.

Joining the course and community is a no-brainer for me, but I wanted to check first with you to see if you’d approve reimbursing this one-time expense? 

Thank you,

{your name}