Episode 4: Aaron Ross

Episode #4

Aaron Ross went to Palo Alto high school and Stanford University. He started his career in mergers and acquisitions, had a 2 year stint in product marketing, then became cofounder of eLease which shut down and liquidated after 2 years. He then joined Salesforce.com (now commonly known as Salesforce) where he spent what I would call “the 4 years that changed his life”.

Aaron became a tremendous success at Salesforce, developing their outbound sales approach which he calls “cold calling 2.0”. This sourced over $100M in recurring revenue for Salesforce, where Aaron went on to lead corporate development and acquisitions.

Aaron spent a total of 4 years at Salesforce and drove the company through the exponential growth that has turned them into the SaaS behemoth that they are today, with shares trading at over $250 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Aaron went on to write his book Predictable Revenue which has sold 200,000 copies and founded his company Predictable Revenue which has grown to 60 employees and $4m in revenue. So he’s not just a teacher he’s also an operator. The sequel to Predictable Revenue was From Impossible To Inevitable, called the ‘growth bible of silicon valley’. He also has 9 kids. This is his story.

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