Episode 12: Broken Quota System

It's safe to say the average salesperson in 2023 is significantly better than the average salesperson of 10 years ago, yet the average quota attainment continues to decline.

This is the result of an inflationary economic system that drove competitive recruitment efforts toward the promise of higher OTEs, which inevitably led to higher quotas, which eventually far outpaced any salesperson's ability to keep up.

This means the "valuation narrative game" ultimately resulted in over-stressing talented salespeople to the point of exhaustion and an illusion of failure which was often actually stellar performance. In this episode I dive into how the quota system became what it is today (broken) and what needs to be done to fix it.

There's work to do on both sides; salespeople knowing how to vet employers and employers knowing how to incentivize salespeople for optimized results. Strategy is best left for folks managing the front-lines, not the folks balancing the spreadsheets.

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