9 Months in VP Sales Job, CEO Says This

Jul 06, 2024
9 Months in VP Sales Job, CEO Says This

9 months in CEO tells VP Sales if they don't hit their number they're fired. 

VP Sales immediately changes from long-term strategy to short-term.

VP Sales puts aggressive pressure on their team.

VP Sales micro-manages pipeline and gives best leads to top reps.

VP Sales pushes team to be overly aggressive with prospects. 

AE's call and email prospects 3x more than usual with high-pressure tactics.

Prospects get turned off.

AE's get burned out.

VP Sales gets fired. 

This scaleup just became a startup again.

Congratulations on the failure, CEO.

VP Sales never stood a chance.

Short term pressure on executive leaders rarely helps.

It's more beneficial to build their confidence than to shatter it.

Leadership VS Dictatorship 101.

Who would've thought this lesson needs to be taught in 2024. 

But it does.

Every salesperson knows the difference.

Being led by a short-term VP Sales (trying to save their job)

VS being led by a long-term VP Sales (comfortable in their job).

The difference between these two VP's is often not them, it's their CEO.

No salesperson wants to be led by a short-term VP Sales. 

Yet most CEO's apply this type of pressure on a quarterly or monthly basis.

The moment it starts we already know how it ends.

Happy Selling,

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