Avoid This Bad End of Month Habit

Jul 08, 2024
Avoid This Bad End of Month Habit

It's the end of the month, stop refreshing Gmail and DocuSign. 

Doing that at the end of last month is why you're doing it now. 

The best salespeople are already multiple steps into next month's outreach.

The best VP Sales and CRO's have been guiding this for weeks. 

Your lists should be built.

Your cadences or sequences should be launched. 

Your calendar next week should be full of demos. 

Your actions now equate to your results later. 

Refreshing Gmail and DocuSign doesn't increase your odds this month.

It only takes away time and decreases your odds next month. 

Can't live in the past with sales. 

The best sellers are already working 3-4 weeks ahead.

Sales success is often about getting into the right routine with how we spend our time.

If you constantly feel like you're chasing things last minute, it might be best to sacrifice a month to get ahead, otherwise you'll keep ending up in the same situation.

The nice thing about getting ahead is you can take the pressure off your prospects and let them move on their schedule instead of trying to force-fit them into your own.

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