Don't Hire AE's For The Rolodex

Jun 20, 2024
Don't Hire AE's For The Rolodex

Don’t hire SaaS salespeople for their network and relationships (AKA their Rolodex). 

It’ll get them to quota once and never again. 

Relationships matter when you’re selling multi-million dollar ad deals to mega corporations. 

They don’t matter in B2B SaaS sales. 

People don’t buy software from their favorite salesperson. 

They buy their favorite software. 

Which is why having a truly amazing product is what really matters. 

Everything else either hinders or accelerates that success. 

Build something great and growth comes easy. 

There’s no magical salesperson or network of relationships that can substitute a great product.

This doesn’t mean industry knowledge and experience isn’t valuable, it is, but expecting someone’s network to drive significant revenue growth is a fools errand. 

Hire salespeople because your product has demand, not because you think they’ll bring demand for your product.

Happy Selling,

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