How To Do Job Search Due Diligence

Jun 18, 2024
How To Do Job Search Due Diligence

Stop accepting sales jobs without completing due diligence.

You should:

-Take a demo of the product
-Try the product yourself (when possible)
-Talk to existing and former customers
-Talk to existing and former employees
-Read online reviews and complaints

Most salespeople are merely interested in exploring the compensation plan.

Rarely are they digging deep enough into the product they'll be selling.

Rarely are they evaluating the customer experience they'll be selling.

Rarely are they speaking to the people who have the most valuable feedback.

Almost always they have things to complain about 3 weeks into the job.

Due diligence is work that you won't get paid for doing.

But not doing so is far more costly. 

Unless you get lucky.

Don't plan on getting lucky. 

Treat your job hunt like an investor.

Your success is defined by your ability to make smart decisions.

Your ability to make smart decisions is defined by your due diligence.

When building a house the motto is "measure twice, cut once" because everyone knows a bad carpenter measures once, makes a mistake, and then needs a fresh piece of wood to try again. Imagine how much waste is created by the end of that build (time and materials). 

Stock investing is the same; the best investors spend an absurd amount of time doing research and then everyone wonders how they're so good at picking the right stocks at the right times. 

Your career should be taken more seriously than building a house or buying stocks, because it's literally how you're going to spend your time. It determines who you'll hangout with, what moods you'll be in, what you'll learn, and who you'll become. 

Invest your time upfront gathering as much intelligence as possible before making the biggest decisions in life. Then follow your gut.

Often the difference between success and failure is not skill, talent, knowledge, or performance. It's simply one's ability to make significantly better decisions than another.

Happy Selling,

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