The Risks of Becoming a VP of Sales

Jun 19, 2024
The Risks of Becoming a VP of Sales

Think twice before getting into sales leadership. 

It's only a step up if you want to:

-be in less control of your success
-be interrupted every 5 minutes
-be expected to perform miracles
-have little to no job security

The grass isn't always greener in leadership.

More often it's not.

If you're born to lead, you know and need it.

If not, be grateful because it's easier to earn big money closing big deals.

If you need consistent and reliable income, being a top revenue producer is a sure thing.

It's much better than getting blamed for the 60% of reps who miss quota.

If you're on the fence, just don't do it.

Especially in today's market.

This doesn't mean leadership roles aren't amazing for those who are truly born for it.

Leading should be a natural inclination, it should be something that happens with or without a title to the point that it becomes obvious what you're meant to do.

If it's being forced even slightly, then follow your gut.

Many leaders wish they didn't have the itch to lead because it can be far more fruitful focusing on yourself in a closing role.

It's best to follow your gut.

Happy Selling,

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