You Want to Quit but You Aren't Sure

Jul 07, 2024
You Want to Quit but You Aren't Sure

Don't work a sales job with your foot half out the door. 

I know it's difficult. 

You might love your job. 

You might hate your job.

But if you choose to show up, you deserve to be all in. 

You torture yourself and your earnings doing the disgruntled employee thing. 

It becomes obvious in the job interviews you attend. 

Recruiters and hiring managers smell the sales anger from miles away. 

Do yourself a favor; make concrete decisions and own them.

Living "half committed" is always misery. 

Hate the job but aren't ready to leave yet? 

Decide not to think about it again for X months. 

Give yourself that mental break. 

In the meantime, you'll perform better with less stress. 

Sometimes kicking the ball down the road provides necessary relief. 

If you can't, it's probably best to prioritize leaving. 

Anything else is self-torture and we should avoid that.

This doesn't mean you should stay put in an intolerable situation.

Quite the opposite.

It means you should decide if the situation is intolerable or not and then make a plan and stick to it.

Either you prioritize leaving or you decide to wait on the decision.

If the latter, truly relieve yourself from the stress of thinking about the problems every day.

This is the one thing within your control in that situation.

Happy Selling,

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